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    • This free app allows you to include trinkets of classical and modern philosophy in your everyday life.

    Mind Boggler, a philosophical app for everyday occurrences / 

    Philosophy in the City is a project that links philosophy with ‘real life’. They created a phone app called Mind Boggler, which, uses word puzzles and timed quizzes to teach you (or remind you) of some of the aphorisms of the greatest philosophical thinkers of all time. The project was created by the Philosophy Department from the University of Liverpool.

    The Department of Philosophy is the natural home for people who want to ponder on the biggest questions facing the human race and develop new ideas which can transform the world. Through our teaching and research you can explore and embrace all the major schools of thought, in the company of internationally known Philosophers.

    Mind Blogger unlocks a new puzzle on a weekly basis, in the form of a muddled philosophical quote. The only thing the user has to do is put the quote into the right order, which in turn will open more readings, that include information surrounding the philosopher, comments and analysis by some of the scholars from the University of Liverpool. You can choose to play in ‘easy mode’ or ‘hard mode’. The ludic quality of the app encourages the user to spend more time gaining access to the information, while it also has the ability of making you feel stimulated and intelligent.

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