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    • What began in Puerto Alegre, Brazil, as a neighborhood with some trees, has become a street governed by sublime vegetation.

    This is the most beautiful street on Earth / 

    Nature, even if it is depicted through an image, has been proven to make people happier. Studies show that people who visit more natural spaces are happier than those who visit less. Nature is connected to the human essence: when we touch it, breathe it and feel it, our being recognizes its primal origin —perhaps the urgency of our worries fades away because the rhythm of nature is, simply, perfect.

    Nowadays we exist in areas overwhelmed by concrete, artificial lights, ads and fashion. In cities, nature emerges as a silent hero: its sporadic strokes refresh the human mind. Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho is located in the city of Puerto Alegre, Brazil, and it is considered the most beautiful street on Earth. This a street half a kilometer long, which stands out from the rest because it is covered with two majestic lines of Tipuana trees, which were planted almost a century ago. Today, these giants literally form a living ceiling over the street.

    But the value of this street does not solely lie in its explosive beauty, since it also symbolizes civic power: the citizens were able to stop the Tipuanas from being felled for a project that wanted to build a mall. Today, these trees are the strokes of Puerto Alegre’s historical and social identity, and Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho has established itself as the city’s symbol. 

    Tagged: Brazil, urbanism, nature Credits: Image (Amigos da Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho)