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    • A website has gathered groups, ideas, debates and publications whose main interest is reinterpreting economy as a system that can generate integral well-being, contributing to a new way of conceiving the commercial sector.

    A new way of conceiving the market: a regenerative economy / 

    Freedom does not exist if its practice involves the deterioration of other people’s living standards, animal species or biological diversities, as evidenced by the most recent global financial crisis, since this means that its ultimate objective is no longer concerned with satisfying the individual. As an ideology, liberalism, has been stretched to the very limit after it introduced ideas surrounding the free market in the global financial system —whose lack of regulations is reflected in the abuses committed by a few, but that are suffered by the rest of world.

    In order to generate new and more generous commercial, productive and financial dynamics, we must question the current economic model. Reality has confirmed that a huge gap between human and educational capital exists, as well as evidenced the environmental decay and the generalized vulnerability of globalized economies and speculative capital.

    This is the paradigm we face and which we must reconfigure by creating a wide range of alternatives. Perhaps to do so we must first contemplate the objective of economy, whose purpose should always have been the integral well-being of the environment. Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity is an initiative that promotes dialogues that foster imagining and implementing new strategies, which will drive a regenerative economy.

    This is a digital forum where studies, initiatives, proposals and ideas are published, with the purpose of perfecting the current financial system, from a sustainable perspective. Human freedom cannot be consummated if this does not include a system that will favor a healthy environment. While debates and discussions do not have a direct influence on reality until these are adopted by those who create public policies, this website tries to connect interest groups with real discussions on the path to become influential.

    The members of ASAP are aware of the impossibility of debating in isolation, when the system continues to produce a generalized social instability, hence, this platform works towards establishing a change that can be implemented in real time. Beyond ideological struggles, the current global situation has confirmed phenomena that requires us to imagine new realities, focusing on environmental sustainability and its inhabitants. Freedom is only freedom when it protects us all. 

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