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    OpenVis Conference, a celebration of data visualization / 

    Data visualization allows us to appreciate the full panorama of a specific subject. The visual comparison of different elements plays an important role in a determined subject: it enables the viewer to recognize the importance of certain data when it is analyzed from a given perspective. This field of action involves a series of disciplines: design, statistics, journalism, art, and others. Any professional that values the power of information recognizes the importance of visualization and processing information.

    OpenVis Conference, a conference that studies and discusses the relevance of online data visualization, is celebrated every year. This year, in April 2014, its second year running, they discussed different subjects like processing information, visual design, storytelling, code structure and the use of Open Web tools and information. This international event was possible thanks to Bocoup, a company made by programmers that developed open web technologies.

    Several professionals like designer Eric Fischer, renowned for his infographics featured in MoMA exhibits, Scientific American’s art director Jen Christiansen, Facebook engineer Jason Sundram, who creates apps that enable accessing petabyte data, among others, participated in this year’s event. In total, 18 professionals who work in this important field led the conferences.  

    The type of diffusion data visualization has reached thanks to the web has placed important amounts of information at the reach of practically anyone. The development of excellent apps with this purpose has enriched its aesthetic, transforming this practice into an art form that is here to stay.

    Fortunately for us, OpenVis has made several conferences from the event available through Bocoup’s YouTube channel. Enjoy, share and be inspired.  

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