• Fantasy Lands

    • Some years ago polemic Ai Weiwei and the Herzog & De Meuron practice decided to transform the Inner Mongolian desert into an architectural eden; we share with you the documentary that records this dream.

    Ordos 100, Ai Weiwei seeks to transform a desert into an earthly paradise / 

    Ordos 100 was a project between the Swiss architectural practice Herzog and De Meuron and the Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, probably one of the most polemic characters in the contemporary scene. The main purpose of this collaboration was to gather a hundred architects that would design a suburb in Inner Mongolia, which would in turn become part of one of Ai Weiwei’s bigger plans, which at the end, never came into being.

    The Ordos 100 project was driven by the Chinese tycoon Cai Jiang, it had certain edenic hues, since to a certain extent, all the architects involved had to create something from nothing and, additionally, transform the desert into a fruitful land, in all cases with the distinguishing characteristics of the designer.

    In a parallel manner a documentary film directed by the Chinese artist and which, in 2012, was part of the official selection in the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The film follows the three visits the one-hundred architects and Ai Weiwei paid Ordos, the first being in January 2008.

    You can watch the full film on Youtube, which is why we now share it with you, as one of those dreams that we might postpone but that eventually come to life --considering that planning is, in fact, a form of realisation. 

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