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    • This building and its copious agenda are in synch with the rhythm of the glamorous city where the museum is located.

    Pérez Art Museum Miami: enriching the art scene in the American continent / 

    Last year we reviewed an exhibition that marked the end of an important era for the Miami Art Museum (MAM). Now, we’re excited to write the profile for the new Pérez Art Museum Miami, a place where art, culture and diffusion converge in a space unlike any other in the world.

    Herzog & de Meuron, the solicited architectural design firm, was responsible for the building and, as is usually the case with their work, they went far and beyond the expectations. This is an intelligent, vanguard, eco-friendly and simply beautiful building; the main façade fits right in with the landscape of this glamorous city. The design combines the charm of nature and open spaces with the needs of artists, curators and collectors.

    PAMM is a mutable space which is constantly evolving. There is always something new to see in its multiple temporary exhibitions, it has a large space devoted to the museum’s collection spread out over three versatile floors, where, according to the first exhibitions, anything is possible. They make the most of the natural light and due to its innovative construction it was possible to create indoor rooms with large open spaces, without columns that interrupt our gaze; what remains is an ideal panorama where exhibitions and events can truly be the main feature.

    The sculpture garden and the outdoor space embody a beautiful landscape where visitors from around the world can come together and enjoy themselves. The hanging gardens give it a fresh and friendly appearance, especially when seen from this imposing building. Undoubtedly the investment, sacrifices and wait were worthwhile. The new building can adapt to the dynamic and expansive nature of the city which it inhabits while it takes the shape that contemporary art requires.

    Their exhibition calendar is completely full for this year and a couple more, internationally acclaimed projects have been programmed, all sorts of artistic proposals, conferences and audiovisuals which aim to transform, or at least enrich, the global art scene.

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