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    • These miniature Persian paintings, with strong Chinese influences, are characterized by their fascinating and meticulousness: The British Library has digitalized at least 15,000 pieces which we can all view online.

    Persian miniatures: a digital collection of this beautiful and meticulous art form / 

    The Persians, a culture that emerged in what now is Iran, and whose vestiges remain, was characterized by a tolerant philosophy that favored the arts. Even if they supported colonization and expansionism, their ideology was always inclusive.

    Within this context, the arts were plentiful in the life of this ancient civilization, especially in the expression of their emblematic murals, and in their miniatures, these tiny but brimming drawings with mystical messages, which were created for collectors who kept them in treasured albums reached the height of their splendor during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

    Their rich color palette, multiple elements, religious motives and the everyday life of the people, are part of the vast thematic range these miniatures boast. With a strong Chinese influence, due to the arrival of watercolors and the constant presence of artists from China in the Persian court, these collections were meant to be a freer type of artistic expression, since unlike murals, which were public art forms, these were destined to illustrate private books and collections.

    The great attention to details practiced by the artists is perhaps the most attractive quality of the paintings, since hundreds of details are present in the guise of something almost imperceptible. Other arts were often recorded through these miniatures: literature, poetry, music and, naturally, their emblematic architectural constructions.

    Taking into consideration the richness of the details found in Persian miniatures, The British Library has digitalized a wonderful collection which comprises more than fifteen thousand creations, which is now available online. Their objective is to enable millions of people to access these beautiful detailed pieces, which perhaps hold the greatest promises ever made by artists, in the discreteness of the minute. 

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