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    • There are spaces that naturally embellish the experience of being alone: this park with hundreds of paths and mountains uses its eloquence to accompany the journey of thoughtful travellers.

    The persuasive transparency of the Glacier National Park / 

    The foothills of mountain ranges are special places. They embrace something, perhaps the visitor, who will bring an end to a rare purity. The potential of life peers through the landscape, in this case for example, it is latent: snow on the summit of the mountains, the hyper-alive greenness of its hills, the crystalline water of its lakes, and the intense smell of the leafy pines, come together to create a potential Eden.

    In Montana, U.S.A., bordering Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, the Glacier National Park rises imposing and transparent. It is home to 130 lakes, huddling forests, alpine tundra, dozens of waterfalls, and an Andean mountain range, which use the language of dreams to robe sublime scenarios. Hiking is one of the most poetic, anthropomorphic and reflexive activities, its 1,300 kilometers can be explored following its trails, specifically designed for wandering meditation.

    This is a place that seems to have been conceived for the loneliness that combines pleasure with the delightful seeping of transcendental thoughts: aesthetic trances and contemplation become an omnipresent compass. This park is the crown of a vast naturally protected area that occupies almost 44 thousand square kilometers. They have mapped over two-hundred waterfalls in the area. And as if this were not enough, the park has a millenary history, since it has been the home of Native Americans for over ten thousand years, and the hues of the pristine American culture, based on living as one with nature, unfolded as they came in contact with this land. 

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