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    Every 75 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer in the world. Every 29 seconds, a new case of this disease is detected; a new story of shock, fear and survival opens a way for itself among two uncertainties: the situation itself and that which the future holds for the woman.

    This type of cancer is by far the most common; it is responsible for over four-hundred thousand deaths a year in the world, which is why receiving a positive test result is probably one of the most devastating news a woman can get, nonetheless, over the past five years close to 4.5 million women have survived the disease; undoubtedly this high rate is due, partly, to the detection and ensuing treatment, but the strength required to refuse to be identified as a mere ‘diagnosis’ has allowed many of them to fight for their health and hold on to life.

    There are many campaigns which lobby for the promotion of self-exploration and timely detection, but once the chemotherapies are over and life returns to a fairly normal rhythm, survivors (which include men also, this type of cancer does not discriminate based on gender) get to know their body once again, under new circumstances: the P.INK (Personal Ink) project encourages building self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem through the re-appropriation of a changed body.

    Breasts do not define a woman’s femininity, which is why the artists who collaborate with P.INK seek to offer breast cancer survivors time and support; they do so by painting their new scars with their own stories. A scar is the evidence of pain: but how does pain look? What colours does it have? What stories does it tell?

    Their promotional video introduces us to Molly, a double mastectomy survivor who got her favourite flowers from Brazil tattooed on her body: “Delicate, rare and strong flowers” that survive in the most inhospitable circumstances.

    Like her, many women find that sharing their story through tattoos, pictures or texts is extremely therapeutic and help deal with the psychological and physical impact that this type of treatment entails. They are warriors that inspire us to hold on to life and to seek health under any circumstance that we encounter. 

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