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    • Wonderful images of the different shapes and textures of the great “sperm of the plant kingdom”.

    Pollen particles as aesthetic micro-realms / 

    Polen: Sometimes the smallest particles contain more beauty than we can see with the naked eye. Although this supposition might be due, precisely, to the fact that we cannot see them and thus their beauty is covered by surprise. An example of this is snowflakes, each one has an unrepeatable complexity and aesthetic. And so is the case with pollen particles. 

    Pollen is, in few words, the sperm of the plant kingdom. Thanks to pollen, plants can reproduce over long distances, kilometres away, and remain healthy. The structure of pollen nano-grains, which we are rarely shown through images, has a strong outer cover (see their small spines or protuberances) which eases their journey while it is transported from the plant it came from to that which will be pollinized.

    These images, taken from Ueber den Pollen (1837), a book by the pharmacologist and chemist Carl Julius Fritzche show several magnified grains of pollen. In these we can discern the diversity of shapes and sizes in the minuscule world of pollen, which is the cause and composition of life on Earth, and which you are probably breathing as you read this article.

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