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    • Resembling an exquisite Martian landscape adapted to Earth, on the Qeshm Island of Iran, the Stars Valley embellishes a beautiful deserted space with natural rocky sculptures erected towards the sky, which at times becomes stained with the most wondrous orange.

    Qeshm Island: a Martian valley where the Garden of Eden might have existed / 

    The Qeshm Island, in Iran, is located just a few kilometres away from the southern coast of the country, and it occupies a 1,491 square kilometre surface. Some legends say that this is where the Garden of Eden was located. The island is home to Stars Valley, where according to the local inhabitants, a star fell, producing its peculiar morphology. This valley is full of white stone peaks and structures that bloom from the ground, as if this was a forest of bone structures, taking different shapes.

    It is precisely the rock’s diversity that has endowed the place with a mystical environment. The Valley’s natives avoid wandering through the place at night, since they are convinced that ghosts are constantly passing-by. The erosion and the storms during the Cenozoic Era are responsible for the stone formations, comparable to sculptural structures, always unpredictable, that oscillate between heights of seven and fifteen metres. Some spike-shaped figures resemble the paths leading up to majestic palaces, while others seem remnants from a ruined castle.

    Due to its unrepeatable and unique geomorphic structure, UNESCO has declared this valley a World Heritage Site. The place, located within what is already a peculiar desert, resembling Martian landscapes, whose desolated atmosphere seems to hide the secrets of past civilisations. Additionally, its historical charge is also important since it’s believed that the island was discovered by Ptolemy, and that it was named Alexandria, present in historical records centuries before our era.

    The Stars Valley indubitably represents a shelter for travellers that enjoy the energy of the desert, additionally presenting them with natural embellishments guarding centuries of history, including its emblematic myths, because its stone sculptures may well be the remnants of an Arcadian garden. 

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