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    • The work of a luthier is often delegated to the background of music, a secondary role after the execution made by the musician; this article remembers their valuable labour and their presence.

    Remembering the importance of a beautiful and sometimes forgotten art form / 

    Instrument making is a millenary craft that has had a number of important exponents over time; those who practice this art use their hands to make instruments that have unique qualities. To create these pieces they must have mathematical, acoustic, biological and chemical expertise, thus, luthiers are artists who are disciplined and committed to the creation of an instrument; they are creators who truly deserve to be recognised and honoured.

    Ranging from the well-known Antonio Stradivari, to some of his contemporaries like Guarneri del Gesu, the art of luthiers has extolled itself as a passionate and complex artistic discipline. Each instrument is a sonorous experience, a work that is in constant motion and which possesses a characteristic soul of its own. We could say that each piece has a life, a character and a personality, which is why some musicians prefer one luthier’s work over another’s.

    The importance of this craft is often overshadowed by the musician’s virtuous execution, but, we must never forget the hands and the minds that made the manufacture of the instrument possible. At a point in his career, the prodigious violinist Niccolo Paganini declared his love for ‘the cannon’, an impressive work of art created by Guarneri del Gesu, a piece which now inhabits the Strada Nueva Museum in Genoa.

    Deep Green Sea, a group of artists, paid tribute to this millenary craft with their video series ‘The Art of Making’, where they capture the work of creators from different disciplines. For the ‘Alma Flamenca’ video they recorded the 299-hour process of making a beautiful guitar.

    The next time you enjoy a stunning musical performance remember that the sounds are a result of the committed labour of a passionate luthier. 

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