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    • One of the most influential contemporary sculptors exhibited his most recent and inspiring work.

    Richard Serra’s new collection was exhibited in the Gagosian Gallery, New York / 

    Richard Serra, born in 1938, is one of the most admired contemporary sculptors. His work is characterised by the minimalist forms he makes out of steel, which appear ductile and light even if they are made with such a rigid material. His drawings and installations have also been widely admired the world over both by viewers and institutions.

    The Gagosian Gallery recently presented Richard Serra: New Sculpture, where they exhibited the American artist’s most recent work. The outdoor pieces were made in 2013, and they eloquently represent the subtlety and virtuosity of the Serra’s work, which gives one of the most common building materials a different and enlightening use. 

    This sculptor’s artistic endeavours echo the megalithic structures of ancient times, when man’s creations expressed religious subjects, existential doubts and philosophical ponderings. Serra erects tonnes of steel with the same spiritual labor the first civilizations experienced, but the sculptor does so with a material created by modern civilization.

    His works have to be explored, transited, contemplated from a distance and felt. His pieces will survive the passing of time, they bear witness to our epoch and society; this is, after all, the end that many artists strive toward.

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