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    • “Lights in Chicago”, a photographic series by Japanese Satoki Nagata, emphasises the mysticism impressed on the silhouettes of passer-byes during the cold snowfall nights of winter.

    Satoki Nagata: capturing human silhouettes behind a window / 

    In the experience of an artist, the individual can become the landscape of choice, since the singularity of each, carried with a particular attitude, objective and information from a different life, can be captured. The photographer Satoki Nagata, who initially studied neuroscience, began infiltrating little by little in the field of photography, and after some time, he discovered that his main interest where strangers: since in his experience the previous relationships he held with the photographed subjects changed the essence of the images.

    After two years of work, Nagata changed the “Lights in Chicago” series. This was a moving oeuvre where the subjects are transformed into black elements, using the “off-camera flash” technique, which he continues to perfect. Using this resource he is able to make the human silhouettes acquire a different light that contrasts against the rest of the image. Nagata set himself up behind different windows facing the streets, always during the winter nights in this city.

    The results of this series are the profiles of men and women that suggest a certain oneiric reflections, as if they were coming to mystical conclusions full of meaning. The game of lights irradiates a warm environment, full of different possibilities, but especially, elevating the energetic magic that springs from each individual and their moments of introspection. The Christmas lights reflected in the city’s windows serve as the incentives of an emblematic moment, which perhaps alludes to the magnificence of every instant.

    Nagata’s evolution within the photographic world evolved without him meaning to, a recurring phenomenon among artists that tend to offer significant works without any formal technical education, as if this was precisely the characteristic that gave them an advantage to interpret life without any prior pretention. The “Lights in Chicago” series denote an uninterested and patient gaze, which finds the precise moment where the night’s play light frames the figure of “another me”, immerse in its own feelings and thoughts. 

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