• Eccentricity

    • This experiment, conducted by scientist Dean Radin, has been able to reduce the gap between science and paranormal communication, proving that brain activity is different to that which happens during ordinary thoughts and imaginational processes.

    Scientist proves that mediums can access a different state of consciousness / 

    The scientist Dean Radin is one of the great minds that have devoted themselves to explaining how science creates a fractured discipline system, while spirituality connects these. He suggests that the theory of systems could be the best example that we currently have surrounding how science can encompass something vaguely defined as ‘connectivity’ but that still can be considered a science.

    Radin has explored the psychic possibilities of the mind by trying to combine metaphysics and science. A new study, co-directed by him and Julie Beischel, discovered that the electrocortical activity during ‘mediumistic communication’ is clearly different to other contemplative moments like thinking of living or imaginary people. The research explored two issues: possible correlations between the medium’s precision and the electrical activity in the brain; and the differences in the cerebral activity of mediums while they intentionally evoked four different subjective states.

    To do this, researchers collected psychometric and electrophysiologic brain data from ‘six individuals that had previously reported precise information about departed individuals under blind experiment conditions’ (mediums, or more specifically, mediums that had been previously accredited by Julie Beischel’s Windbridge Institute). Each participant performed two tasks while blindfolded. The first task consisted of asking the mediums twenty-five questions about a dead person, after each question they were asked to perceive, in silence, the relevant information for twenty seconds and then answer. These answers were then compared to the answers given by people who knew the dead individuals. The researchers found that out of the six evaluated mediums, three obtained more correct answers, as opposed to coincidental positives. One of the mediums also showed a significantly positive correlation between precision and brain activity in the frontal theta.

    In the second experiment, the mediums were asked to experiment four mental states every minute, a process that was repeated thrice: 1st they had to think of a living person, 2nd listen to a biography, 3rd think of an imaginary person, and 4th they had to mentally interact with a dead person they had known. Interestingly, they found significant statistical differences in the six participants’ electrocortical activity. This led the researchers to conclude that the differences in the electrocortical activity ‘suggests that the impression caused by communicating with the dead can be a different mental state to that of ordinary thought or imagination.’

    To conclude, we believe the results for Medium 1, correlating accuracy with electrocortical activity, qualify as a robust finding. The results regarding differences in gamma power bands between different mental states remains puzzling as the gamma difference we observed seems to arise, at least in part, from eye or muscular activity. The characterization of the exact nature of this difference in the gamma frequency band, and assessing whether any of this activity originates from the brain, calls for additional research. Taken together, the study’s findings suggest that the experience of communicating with the deceased may be a distinct mental state that is not consistent with brain activity during ordinary thinking or imagination.

    This discovery is an important contribution to the field of science because it doesn’t pretend to explain why psychic communications take place, but it does show that they do in fact happen. It proves that the cerebral activities during paranormal communication, unlike activities during normal mental states like imagination, behave in an exclusive manner. Dean Radin and his colleagues are perhaps accelerating the conciliation between consciousness and the paranormal, as this experiment clearly shows. 

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