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    • Animated GIFs are becoming more and more popular on the Net because of the simplicity of their movement.

    The seductive simplicity of animated GIFs / 

    In 1987 a curious digital format came to life and was adopted as the prodigious son of the web 1.0. After a decade it seemed to be almost archaic, but then, in the twenty-first century, it was reborn and ignited by its popularity on social networks; stimulating digital curiosity. The popular GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is part of the binary fauna that inhabits the corners of the web 2.0, and apparently will continue doing so for several decades.

    It’s fairly easy to create this type of animation since there are already several websites that make the process very easy and there are also sophisticated design programs that have not discarded the type of understanding that makes their creation possible. Anything can fit in a GIF: films, homemade movies, television programs, animations, photographs, paintings, any frame succession can be articulated with the gracefulness of infinite repetition.

    Contemporary artists have used this means to create interesting works, for example, Francoise Gamma, whose hypnotizing pieces featuring anthropomorphic creatures and abstract visions which gracefully mutate. Similarly, the moving images by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are very popular and bizarre. The nostalgic and intriguing loops by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck possess a captivating cinematic quality.

    Françoise Gamma


    Joan Pedrola, Pamela Reed & Matthew Rader


    Seeing New York in Cinemagraphs, Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck


    The GIF is closely related to pixel art and videogames, in the field of image generation, their histories have been intertwined since the evolution of the computer, dating back to the eighties. The graphic exchange format is a crucial part of the massive reproduction of the cultural expressions and it currently knows no limits (for example the rapid propagation of the meme format online).

    An important requirement in the development of the GIF is the precise and harmonious unions between the beginning and the end of animations, a characteristic that increases our pleasure in the repetition ad infinitum. Art is a whimsical conglomeration of emotions, ideas, narrations, humorous technique and many other objective and subjective factors. The GIF is now a means and support for this type of creation, a fortunate channel that presents us with an aesthetic experience fabricated passionately by artists and users from around the globe. 

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