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    • Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad, has coined a formula that is able to transform plastic residues into ethanol biofuel.

    The sixteen year old girl who makes biofuel from plastic / 

    At the tender age of 16, when most people still behave like children, Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad, has caught the attention of the Egyptian Oil Investigation Institute. Azza found the amount of plastic produced in Egypt disconcerting, in response she developed a formula that would transform, via a catalyzing process using a substance named aluminosilicate, plastic into ethanol.

    This teenager’s plan is ambitious, since she estimates that she can transform a tonne of plastic, which Egypt produces in a year, into ethanol using her catalyzing process. The latter, according to her calculations, would generate up to 78 million dollars in biofuels, while it simultaneously can clean the environment.

    Plastic contains particles named polymers, which can never be completely destroyed. The most revolutionary aspect of Hamid’s project is that the catalysing process actually does destroy these particles, a problem that on a global level lacked a concrete solution until now.

    Beyond the economic value that this scientific contribution might have, her concern reveals a new generation of children and teenagers that are interested in science, protecting the environment, and in finding social solutions: an inspiring package, which features more than idealistic youths, and reveals practical ends: people who are willing to work towards finding tangible solutions. 

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