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    • Using drones, this project will collect rain water to put out forest fires and it will also fight droughts in this terrestrial lung.

    A skyscraper resembling a lotus flower will watch over the Amazon / 

    At this point, the fact that climate change exists has been accepted by the scientific community. Never had there been as many human beings (more than 7 billion) inhabiting Earth at the same time. In addition to this, the capitalist system promotes the frenetic consumption of existing resources, which poses a direct threat to the planet’s health. While awareness of this imminent threat grows, thousands of people adapt their habits to make them more eco-friendly, and to respond to the hundreds of ecosystems that demand greater care.

    The Amazon forest is one of the regions where life thrives the most, and thus one of the most valuable ones also, indispensable. Commonly called the “lung of the planet”, this area plays an essential role in the planet’s CO2 regulation. The largest tropical jungle in the world occupies eight South American countries and 6 million square kilometres. Today, hundreds of scientists and thousands of people are worried about this living mass and they seek to protect it.

    Chinese designers, Jie Huang, Jin Wei, Qiaowan Tang, Yiwei Yu, and Zhe Hao imagined watchtower overlooking the Amazon. Aesthetically, their idea is inspired by the lotus flower. The Rainforest Guardian is a skyscraper that will be built in the highest region of the Amazon forest, and it is designed to fight the fires in this vast region. The building will collect water that can be carried by drones, which, as if they were a tireless army, will spray water over the affected areas.

    To this day The Rainforest Guardian remains a prototype, one which is apparently possible. Technology could turn the table on ecocide as long as it is used consciously, and this lookout is just a glimmer of what this symbiosis could trigger. 

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