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    • Hawking has finally found a way to spread science through software, and he brings us a new interactive app that teaches us the most fascinating aspects of the universe.

    Snapshots of the Universe: the iPad app created by Stephen Hawking / 

    The always brilliant Stephen Hawking has found a way to make scientific divulgation an undeniably effective method. He has promoted science and cosmogony through a series of books and videos, but so far he had remained at the side-lines of software. Recently however, he collaborated with Random House to create Snapshots of the Universe, his first official app. Using simple and entertaining experiments, which explain how our universe works, the app provides the user with practical and interesting lessons. Once again Hawking teaches us why planets orbit around stars; why black holes are not necessarily black; that time is not necessarily the same for everyone; and how our understanding of the universe has evolved with time.

    The app aims to educate both adults and students about the basic theories that govern our Planet, as well as the movement of planets and stars. For the more curious users, there are videos and written records that explain some of the theories following a classic model.

    Each experiment includes an interactive part where the user can drag objects with Galileo in order to understand how gravity works, or look for black holes in the Leo constellation. In addition to making scientific knowledge more approachable, Snapshots of the Universe will hopefully also encourage future scientists to know more at a younger age. 

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