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    • By adding a sound to public space they are able to transform and everyday experience into something extraordinary.

    Soundtossing: transgressing public space with sound / 

    Inspired by the strange act of throwing shoes at electric cables, also known as Shoe Tossing, an increasing number of street artists are experimenting with media and programming to develop Soundtossing, a form of urban intervention that seeks to create a certain atmosphere by using electronic media and sonar frequencies.

    So far, the most popular instrument is the Urban Cricket. This electronic device is powered by a solar panel; it produces sounds that emulate the harmonic melody of a cricket. In soundtossing.com, the movement’s official website, you can download manuals that will help you create your own device, which you can launch in any hot spot in your city.

    These forms of urban intervention are related to experiments like those made by William Burroughs, who recorded the sounds from a street by juxtaposing several recordings of the environment which amplified the real sound of the surroundings. Critical Art Ensemble often transmits radio signals that interfere with those emitted by radio stations in order to give interesting messages; they have also employed electronic devices that lead to unexpected reactions on behalf of the listener.

    These alternative forms of expression use electronic media to create an aesthetic experience, a distinctive moment that has plenty to offer to the passer-byes of the city. They represent a revolutionary way of intervening public space. Exploring their website and experimenting with their fun gadgets is worth our while, and it would be truly sublime to listen to a natural landscape that hangs from the streets like a poem, perhaps embodying Borges’ “Dream”, while we wait for our bus. 

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