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    • Concerning the fascinating relation between spirituality, happiness and hallucinatory perceptions.

    Is spirituality just a happy hallucination? / 

    Hallucinating can be, for some people, a sure sign of mental horror or of the imprecision of the senses. For others however, it can open a whole field of experiences that take them closer to the spiritual or to a world that is usually veiled.

    They estimate that at least 70% of people have had an “unusual experience” that could be described as a hallucination. Many of these people report these experiences as pleasurable.

    James Schuumans-Stehkhoven a researcher from the Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia, conducted a study in which he discovered that “happy” people, according to a happiness index, tend to have a spiritual view of the world. When enquiring over 485 subjects, Schuumans-Stehkhoven found a positive correlation between an increase in happiness and hallucinations with that of spirituality.  On the other hand, people that did not have a high happiness index, did not show an increase in spirituality when the number of hallucinatory experiences increased. Schuumans-Stehkhoven writes:

    Spirituality might be the misattribution of pre-existing positive affect to odd stimuli that arise from odd perceptual events that happen to co-occur with free-floating positive affect…Maybe there's even a reinforcing effect at work. So if you're feeling in a good mood, then experience something weird that gets interpreted in a spiritual way that lifts your mood even further!

    This information gives birth to several lines of enquiry. On the one hand, as it’s been seen on numerous occasions, spirituality has a positive correlation with happiness. Believing in a spiritual or energetic world that carries this world is generally something that brings a sense of confidence and wellbeing. However, we could also speculate that spirituality is the result of a happy hallucination, or an unusual state of perception in a happy person. It could be that these people can reach a greater level of consciousness that allows them to perceive invisible aspects of reality. Or, on the other hand, in the form of a mental projection, a hallucination confirms a previous belief based on the spiritual world. Happiness hallucinates kind spirits —that despite their ability to offer real comfort— could be little else than the hallucinations of a positive mind.  

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