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    • With the ‘Biophilia’ multimedia project, Björk is now part of an educational system that seeks to teach students the wonders of the universe in a completely innovative format.

    From stages to classrooms: Björk impacts the Nordic study plan / 

    In 2010 Björk released one of the most revolutionary albums of all time: Biophilia. The work combined her music with an innovative vision of nature and technology, which resulted in a brilliant multimedia project. With her interactive album/app, Björk gave rise to an attainable mini-universe; aesthetic above all else, that unfolds before our eyes and ears.

    Four years later, the Biophilia whirlwind has not finished triggering transformations and its impact has led it to seep into an unexpected field: education. The unique educational proposal set forward by this musical magician is organic, and it focuses on potentiating our understanding of nature and our role within the universe.

    The exploration of the cosmos through the bonds that tie us to it should be one of the most essential aspects of our education; however, it is often lost in the boring pages of text books. To fight this, Nordic educationalists have joined forces with Björk in order to remove students from the restrictive environment of classrooms, and instead they use new tools to show them how this universal interconnection works. The use of multimedia technologies means that this project simultaneously resonates with young students, while it also rocks an old fashioned system.

    The program was successfully implement through a series of workshops in Iceland and moved to New York in 2012, while Björk occupied her residency in the Hall of Science. So far, the program has been adopted by schools in Paris, Oslo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manchester, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has been particularly successful with students with ADHD.

    Björk is one of those figures that seem to echo change. She flows from one sphere to the next and transforms the path she takes, leaving behind something that vibrates with elements that should always have been there. In this sense, more than any of the multiple fields that she is active in, she is an exemplary character, an architect of her individual and our collective fate. 

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