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    • This tool allows users to mix and match different elements to create the streets of their dreams, in an easy and ludic manner.

    Streetmix, the web page that enables you to design your own street / 

    In 2011, the urban designer Lou Hang was in a meeting that had the purpose of redesigning San Francisco’s Second Street. The planners handed out a series of paper cut-outs that allowed the members of the community to mix and match the elements they felt their ideal street should have. Huang believed this exercise would make an interesting website, and after many hours of work, it now is.

    Streetmix is a tool of urban empowerment, which playfully allows us to design our own street, generating a sense of empathy with multiple variables implied in the definition of the quality of life in a city. It allows users to explore different possibilities and improve the streets that surround them.

    The principle behind Streetmix is quite simple: use the ‘drag and release’ function in a simple street-design model. The users can choose the width of a street and add or remove everything: from a light rail to traffic signals and sidewalks; these can be adjusted to fit any preference, perhaps not unlike a videogame.

    So far this website has been transformed into real changes in different initiatives like bicycle lanes in Seattle, public transport in Oakland and alternative routes in New Jersey. ‘It’s giving power back to the people, allowing them to vocalize what their streetscape priorities are,’ says Huang.

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