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    • To pay homage to one of the greatest abstract painters of all times, the London museum will feature his most important works.

    Tate Modern exhibits the wonderful oeuvre of Paul Klee / 

    Few creators are as representative of art’s playful spirit as Paul Klee. Brandishing his palette and geometric freedom, this magical painter encourages the viewer to participate in a game of the mind and eyesight amazement. Perhaps this is why his works became a great source of inspiration for the creators of the great vanguards and their contemporaries.

    Paul Klee was not intimidated by the fact that a terrible war seized his work. He continued to paint even though the Nazis considered his creations to be degenerate. Together with his colleagues from the Blaue Reiter movement, he transformed the course of history through whimsical forms and colours.

    Now we have the opportunity to appreciate his work like never before. With an exhibition that gathers the most significant works by the artist, Tate Modern presents from October to the 9th of May 2014, The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee - Making Visible, which honours this author’s transcendence. To widen this experience, the museum is organising conferences and workshops that delve deeply into Klee’s artistic discourse.

    Undoubtedly, the primitive forms that emerged from this painter’s imagery are as relevant as they are oneiric; they deal with creative and spiritual matters and remind us of humankind’s important connection to a distant past. 

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