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    • Patiently formed by nature before humans inhabited New Zealand, this lake is one of the most breath-taking places on Earth.

    Tekapo Lake in New Zealand, water made from the dust of glaciers / 

    Tekapo Lake is an idyllic place located on the skirts of Mount John, in Southern New Zealand. What sets it apart from other lakes is its peculiar blue hue, the result of the rocky powder which wraps the area’s glaciers.

    As the water makes it journey down to the lake, the glaciers located at the source of Tekapo grind the rocks until they become the finest of dusts, capable of floating on the water’s surface and drying the water with its awe-striking turquoise colour.

    This lake’s astounding colour contrasts with the snowy mountains that frame it and the wild flowers that bloom against all odds. It is a sight that will undoubtedly take your breath a way for more than a moment. This is one of the most fantastical places in New Zealand, which is not an easy feat. 

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