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    • Dedicated to his daughter, this series of small and simple pieces of advice by Gurdjieff represent the basic principles for anybody who seeks mental tranquillity.

    Tips by Gurdjieff that remind you how simple integrity actually is / 

    The spiritual master, Gurdjieff, affirmed that most people live in a state of “sleepwalking”, and left behind a formidable legacy of wise teachings. The most pertinent aspect of his Fourth Way (entitled so because it does not belong to the fakir, the monk or the yogi), is that it is able to adapt to modern Western life. It is the path we practice as we speak, when we make decisions, when we realise what we feel.

    His philosophy is based on the truths of ancient religions and in the wisdom he obtained during his numerous travels in the East. The following advice, given to his daughter Duska Howard, prove to be valuable to anybody seeking to develop a better state of awareness and a more satisfactory and integral life.

    They are also a cluster of fresh suggestions that advocate for crystallising situations we face every day.  They could serve as a manifesto, which read every morning would improve our lives:

    1. Fix your attention on yourself, be aware at every moment of what you think, feel, want and do.

    2. Always you finish, What you started

    3. Do what you're doing your best.

    4. Do not be chained to anything that the long, destroy you.

    5. Develop your generosity without witnesses.

    6. Treat every person as a close relative.

    7. You must order, which has disordered.

    8. Learn how to receive, grateful for each gift.

    9. Ceases to self-define you.

    10. Do not lie, do not steal, if you do, Do you lie and steal from yourself.

    11. Help your neighbor without doing so dependent.

    12. Do not wish to be imitated.

    13. Make plans of work and make them.

    14. Do not take up too much space.

    15. Do not make noises or unnecessary gestures.

    16. If you do not have it, mimics the faith.

    17. Do not be impressed by strong personalities.

    18. Do not appropriate anything or anyone.

    19. Distributed equitably.

    20. Do not seduce.

    21. Eat and sleep, the strictly necessary.

    22. Do not talk about your personal problems.

    23. Do not emim judgmental or criticism, when unknown the most of the facts.

    24. Do not set useless friendships.

    25. Do not follow fads.

    26. Do not sell yourself.

    27. Respect the contracts you've signed

    28. Be punctual.

    29. Do not envy the goods or the successes of others.

    30. Speak only what is necessary.

    31. Do not think of the benefits, that procure your work.

    32. Never threaten.

    33. Make your promises.

    34. In a discussion, put yourself in the place of another.

    35. He admits that someone exceeded you.

    36. Do not eliminated, transform.

    37. Defeat your fears, each of them is a desire that is camouflaged.

    38. Help the other to help themselves.

    39. Ends with your antipathies and get closer to people that you want reject.

    40. Do not act in reaction to what they say good or bad of you.

    41. Transform your pride in dignity.

    42. Turn your anger, into creativity.

    43. Transform your greed in respect for the beauty.

    44. Transform your envy, in the admiration for the values of others.

    45. Transform your hate in charity.

    46. Do not praise or insult yourself.

    47. Try what is not yours as if you belonged.

    48. Do not complain.

    49. Develop your imagination.

    50. Do not give orders for the pleasure of being obeyed.

    51. Pays for the services, that they give you.

    52. Do Not Advertise of your work or ideas.

    53. Do not try to arouse emotions in others to you like pity, admiration, sympathy and complicity.

    54. Do not try to distinguish yourself by your appearance.

    55. Never contradict, just shut up.

    56. No indebtedness, acquires and pays immediately.

    57. If you offend someone, ask forgiveness.

    58. If you have offended publicly excusate in public.

    59. If you realize that you said something wrong, do not push it out of pride in that error and desist immediately your purposes.

    60. Do not defend your old ideas simply because it was you who the enunciated.

    61. Do not keep useless objects.

    62. Do not garnish with ideas of others.

    63. Do not get pictures with celebrities.

    64. Not accountable to anyone, be your own judge.

    65. Never define yourself, by what you possess.

    66. Never talk about yourself, without grant yourself the possibility of change.

    67. Accept that nothing is yours.

    68. When asked about your opinion about something or someone, mention only their qualities.

    69. When you get sick, instead of hating this evil, consider it your teacher.

    70. Do not look surreptitiously, Sees steadily.

    71. Do not forget your dead, but give them a limited place to prevent them from invading all your life.

    72. In the place where you dwell, consecrates always a sacred site.

    73. When you do a service Not highlights your efforts.

    74. If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure

    75. If in doubt between doing and not doing, take risks and do.

    76. Do not try to be everything to your partner, admits that seek in others, what you cannot give.

    77. When someone has his public, do not go attending, for contradict and steal his audience.

    78. Lives of a money earned by yourself.

    79. Do not boast to adventures love.

    80. Do not boast of your weaknesses.

    81. Never visit someone just to fill your time.

    82. Get for distribute.

    83. If you are meditating and reaches a devil, you beam that the devil meditate.


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