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    • For 24 years The Golden Environmental Prize, the most coveted environmental prize in the world has awarded the most effective environmentalists of the year.

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    In 1989 the philanthropic leaders Richard and Rhoda Goldman, founded The Goldman Environmental Prize, an award that recognises the best environmental activists of the year, parting from confidential nominations from a series of civil environmental organisations. The award, in addition to the international symbolic empowerment it bestows on the environmental leader, includes an economic support worth 150 thousand dollars.

    This year the award included 6 leaders with different nationalities: Colombia, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, South Africa and the United Sates.

    Rossano Ercolini from Italy:

    A basic education professor, he began an educational campaign surrounding the harmful consequences of the rubbish incinerators in his small, native town in Tuscany. This movement grew on a national scale under the name of Zero Waste.

    Jonathan Deal from South Africa:

    He initiated a successful campaign against hydraulic fracturing to protect Karoo, a beautiful semi-desert area, rich in agriculture and wild life.

    Azzam Alwash from Iraq:

    He created an environmental organisation to restore the swamps that were intentionally dried out during Saddam Hussein’s government.

    Aleta Baun of Indonesia:

    Successfully stopped the destruction of the sacred forest land of Muntis, a mountain on the island of Timor, she accomplished the latter by organising hundreds of farmers through peaceful protests.

    Nohra Padilla from Colombia:

    She organised waste collectors to install a recycling network. She did so while facing a context full of political opponents within a permissive culture of violence.

    Kimberly Wasserman from the United States:

    Due to a successful campaign, she was able to close one of the oldest and most polluting electrical plants in the Sates. Currently she is transforming Chicago’s industrial zone into public parks and multipurpose spaces.

    The Goldman Environmental Prize is the most prestigious event in its category. Throughout the year it advertises and promotes people around the world who work towards establishing a culture that respects nature, and their informational publications are highly useful to those that want to learn about the environmentalist activity around the world. 

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