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    • This fabulous watery mirror mingles perfectly with the mountain range that frames its beauty.

    Tsomoriri Lake: a utopian and sheltered body of water / 

    If Paradise could be materialized by a lake, Tsomoriri would be a perfect candidate for the title. Located in the Himalayan Region, this wonderful aqueous mirror is located between India and the Tibet. The imposing mountains that surround it embellish the oneiric landscape with the ups and downs of its geological dance.

    This Eden-like land is fed by the springs and the snow that melts in the Changthang Mountain. It is crossed by the migratory routes of more than forty aquatic species and it hosts an exotic fauna, with endemic species like the Blue Himalayan Goat, the Argali, the Tibetan Wolf, the Lynx, and the Snow Leopard. The Changpa nomadic tribe herds its cattle in the grasslands that surround the lake, as they have been doing for centuries.

    Tsomoriri Lake is, immersed in the atmosphere of integral pristinity, an ideal destination to enlighten our inspiration and to remember, in the midst of a contemplative trance, the architectural perfection of nature. 

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