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    • The Braigo Printer, made entirely with Legos, is the cheapest and most accessible device ever created for the blind.

    A twelve year old invented a braille printer using Legos / 

    Children are probably the best inventors of all, but they have never had as much exposure as they do today. The need for freshness, combined with the Internet as an invaluable tool, is making room for projects like that belonging to Shubham Banerjee, a twelve year old inventor, so that his invention can see the light and expand rapidly.

    Banerjee created a braille printer using a Lego game called Mindstorms EV3. The invention is, thus far, the cheapest one of its kind to have ever been created; it could be a cheap solution that would enable the blind from around the world to print messages using a mobile device. Named Braigo (combining Braille and Lego), the printer costs around $350 dollars ($345 for the Lego set and less than $5 dollars for additional materials). To show that this is a feasible device, the young inventor is planning to launch his project through an Open Source by publishing its assembly manual.

    “I will open this braille printer to the Internet, its steps and the software program it uses so that any person with a Lego set can build it”, Banerjee points out in a Youtube video on the project.

    The printer is programmed to reproduce letters A-Z in braille. Printing each letter in Braigo takes up to seven seconds, according to its creator. In the following video, Banerjee shows how to print the letter “Y”, and later shows how simple it is to combine letters in order to form words. “It’s so easy that even my little sister can do it”, he points out.

    There are approximately 285 million people in the world who can’t see and 90% of these live in developing countries. A braille printer as accessible as Braigo could take computers to millions of people —and all thanks to a single brilliant child who wanted to experiment with toys. Through a tweet message, Lego Group expressed their appreciation for the project, stating: “We are very proud. Impressive work for a great cause!”

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