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    • In the millennium objectives fixed by the United Nations, cities are considered shelters that must provide safety to their inhabitants; Un-Habitat is the agency in charge of making sure cities transform through multi-factors which also focus on sustainability.

    UN-Habitat: promoting cities as sustainable shelters / 

    The importance of language is paramount, only by turning to words are we able to explain and define reality since its correct use can contribute, among other things, to find our challenges. In this context the United Nations Organisation has focused on the importance of developing cities to fit the definition of the adjective “shelter”. This is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as places that “protect or shield from something harmful”, meaning, a place where we find safety to develop —a type of warm home where we can take decisions and live happily.

    Happiness in the long term, understood as being satisfied with life, is narrowly related with the social, ecologic and economic security we feel in our personal context. Based on this idea the UNO created Un-Habitat, an agency which is in charge of generating the necessary agreements to promote shelter-cities, based on sustainability.

    Today, more than half the population lives in cities, and least half of the citizens in developing countries lack basic services like running water and sewage. Hence, it is absolutely imperative that cities are considered social evolution engines, which is why it is fundamental that they regenerate slums and underprivileged areas around the city.

    Inclusion and sustainability are this agency’s main objectives. They define that a city can only be considered a shelter in an environment that guarantees equality when it comes to gaining access to benefits. According to this mission, the UNO published their Declaration on Cities and Other Human Settlements in 2001, which includes a series of objectives focused on honouring the original purpose of cities: coming together and closing ranks around a specific objectives, sharing the benefits of unifying within the same physical space. 

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