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    • ‘Growing cities’ documents how urban agriculture is changing the current paradigm by promoting a sustainable city culture, fair and in sync with the planet.

    Urban farms: a new reality for food production / 

    I do not divide architecture, landscape and gardening, for me they are one.

    -Luis Barragán

    The green revolution is one of the most inspiring movements of the twentieth century, and one that continues to gain strength around the world. Filling urban spaces with plants is not merely an aesthetic endeavor that seeks to embellish public spaces; this is in fact, a vital pulse that seeks to guarantee human survival in cities. This revolution is also a wave of justice, equality and sustainability, whose main banner is autonomy. And this is because, soon, more than half of the world’s population will live in cities, so these must adapt rapidly in order to guarantee food security.

    Nowadays marginal communities living in cities around the world lack access to fresh and nutritional food, and in turn, they depend on processed goods that lack any real nutritional value. So, what can we do in order to change this situation? Well, the answer is quite simple: we must grow foods in the city, where we need them. Fortunately, this movement already exists in many of the most important urban centers of the world, for example the Valhalla movement in the outskirts of Montreal, and the Meine Ernte initiative present in several German cities.   

    Growing Cities, a documentary filmed and produced by Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette shows us that urban farms are booming (even if the film only focuses on the movement in the U.S.A). The piece explores the advantages of urban harvests and includes inspiring testimonies by people who decided to plant the seeds of this revolution on a roof, an empty lot or in their backyard. By doing so they realized that in addition to literally cultivating their work, they were reanimating a long lasting ecologic pulse in their home: “The hugest part of sustainability is having people understand the importance of caring for land, regardless of whether you think you own it or not,” explains one of the urban farmers.

    Growing cities is thus inspiring because it reminds us that the greatest changes come from ourselves, not those who govern us. Susman and Monbouquette’s documentary portrays the most fortunate revolution of all: that which brings communities closer and creates bonds between architecture, the landscape and the world’s inhabitants. The story that the documentary shares with us explores the challenges, reanimations and hope of the urban world, a must-watch film for farming city dwellers.

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