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    • The new “Valhalla” movement presents a new probable reality in which each individual will adopt a greenhouse in the outskirts of the city to nourish themselves from it.

    Valhalla, walking towards the Utopian farm of the future / 

    Two of the great ideas of our times are urban gardening and crowdsourcing. Put together they could change the world’s direction and give each and every one of us control over what we eat and experience. This combination has the potential of giving us a more coherent and free lifestyle. The only necessary tendency sustainable projects should apply, and turn these applications into a reality, is optimism.

    We’ve already seen what Ron Finley, the “gangster gardener”, achieved on a small but progressive scale; or what the citizens of Rotterdam built by using their own means. Collective intelligence is directed towards something we all know, however deeply hidden, is possible: the erection of a clean and sustainable environment at the frontier with policies and governments; taking the future in our hands as a true democracy, one with good intentions and inclusive. Based on these premises the new agro-sustainable movement Valhalla is born.

    The group is conformed of twenty-something youths who bought 24 acres of land in the outskirts of Montreal and are now transforming it into a space that will house communal, self-sustainable and autonomous greenhouses. Aided by new technology that allows us to do more with less, their ability to use alternative energies and grow foods following new ecological systems, the “Farm of the future” had never been so possible before.

    Valhalla will work using funds raised during the greenhouse construction period, aided by the public and the Internet they could build many more of these around the world. “If all goes to plan” expresses one of the members, “the Valhalla movement would be the start of something profound... a revolution of sorts — communal living, gone mainstream. “

    The Valhalla project is an important experiment: on the one hand it will show us if the world is prepared or “open” enough to collaborate on this type of project, and on the other, if they are able to raise sufficient funds to see their project through they’ll prove whether a lifestyle in which everybody “adopts” a greenhouse is truly the beginning of a green revolution. Our mission is not to wait passively until the prophecies come true, instead we must fight for a better world. Now.  

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