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    • Two girls launched a mathematics blog, and now, only a year later, it is one of the most complete and wonderful sites in this category.

    Visualizing mathematics in their finest form / 

    Visualizing Math is a blog devoted to mathematics, created by two teens who live and study in Minnesota. The blog is one of the best things that has ever happened to Tumblr in the science category, and not just because it is the product of two young girls who love fractals and number. It is an archive of visual mathematics, which is capable of infecting anyone with the love for perfect figures in this discipline.

    Monica A. and Casey M. created this blog on the first day of their summer holidays in 2013, and today they have more than 50,000 followers. Apparently this platform has allowed them to gather all sorts of things, from mathematical objects to moving fractals and even jokes and Pythagorean problems.

    This list of minimalist mathematical elements posters, for example, is one of the beautiful curating jobs they have made for their site. It is enough to see the comments to realize how influential they have been for people their age, who don’t understand mathematics well but who become infatuated with the figures it can take. Monica and Casey are undoubtedly proving, through the purest enthusiasm, that the means we have at hand have a virtually infinite breadth—for example, by spreading the exquisite aesthetic of the mathematical language. 

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