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    • Somewhere in the African oceans, a breath-taking phenomenon produces the illusion of a subaquatic waterfall plummeting towards the bottom of the sea.

    The waterfall under the sea, an illusory reality / 

    An absolute must-see in our tour through some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world is this particular body of water, the possessor of an aesthetic that reminds us of Hiroshi Sengu’s portraits because we can only make out the slight suggestion of falling water; this natural phenomenon is a metaphor that takes place in the real world.

    Roughly two kilometres from the south-eastern African coast, lies Mauritius, a small insular nation that possesses a peculiar trait: in its south-west there appears to be an underwater lake. The tricky impression of this subaquatic waterfall occurs because of sand and silt torrents, which are particularly overwhelming when seen from above. The illusion can even be seen using Google Maps.

    Seen from different angles, the ocean is a spectacular portrait made with blue, green and white tones that give life to a three dimensional landscape, also suggesting, that there is water falling towards the ocean’s abyss. Watching a waterfall inside the sea might be one of the most fantastic and vertiginous sights we will ever set our eyes on, and one that can be added to the long list of underwater phenomena that we have yet to fully discover.  

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