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    • The Swiss artist’s works are minimalist installations that induce sonorous landscapes.

    Zimoun’s sonorous installations manifest creative hypnosis / 

    Contemporary artists have erected the empire of the defiant question: “What if…?” as a challenge or a novel voice that seeks to trial everything. The possible answers grow with digital and traditional media. “What if I dissect animals and submerge them in tanks?” was perhaps the beginning of Damien Hirst’s project. What if I make a giant spiral out of rocks that can be seen from outer space? was perhaps Robert Smithson’s approach. And if we think of many of contemporary art projects, these rise as a divergent possibility to solutions typically proposed before aesthetic problems that no-one asked before.

    What if I fill a chemical tank with the sound of hundreds of bouncing balls? An experience we can actually enjoy due to the Swiss artist Zimoun (1977). His work centres on the sound produced by mechanisms that work in a constant or random fashion, small engines that produce an odd sonorous installation. Another of his marvels is the piece entitled 60 medical infusion sets, water, fire, metal sheets, drops which fall on a hot platform from a serum container, a sound which alludes to a volcanic landscape.

    For his most recent installation, 329 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, toluene tank, Zimoun installed over 300 engines that make small cotton balls inside of an industrial tank painted in white bounce around its metallic coating.

    Zimoun’s work represents the answers to creative questions made in art, which ooze through unprecedented sonorous ecosystems —embodying in the abstraction of sound a probable fountain of knowledge. 

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