• Faena Prize for the Arts

    Which is the entry deadline?

    November 1st, 2012.

    Who can apply the Faena Prize?

    All individuals over the age of 18 can participate in the competition, including upcoming artists, artists with an established career and well-known artists. Both individuals and art collectives can apply. Each art collective can present one project. The artists who are part of an art collective that presents a project, can also present their own individual project.

    Which characteristics should the project have?

    This edition of the Faena Prize for the Arts is reserved for site-specific projects, that is, projects especially conceived for the physical and symbolic space of our Molinos Room. The call is for new projects in different artistic fields and/or interdisciplinary projects (installations, performances, paintings, sculptures, photographs, works that include design and architecture, film or video pieces, and all hybrids of the aforementioned disciplines) that clearly reflect on the space of the Faena Arts Center, respond to the center and/or occupy the center's space in a significant way.

    How do I apply for the Faena Prize?

    To apply, participants must enter the following website: www.faenaartscenter.org/premiosf Applicants must complete the registration form and upload two PDF files: one for the project and another one for the portfolio.

    How should the project be submitted?

    The final file to present is a PDF (A4 horizontal). There is no page limit.

    What should the Project include?

    1. A written description of the project and its conceptual development that cannot exceed one page (size A4).

    2. A maximum of 12 sketches, plans, renders, photographs or digital images that give an accurate idea of the final image of the work within the space of the exhibition room. At least two images (size A4, color at 300DPI) must be submitted, plus all additional material the applicant considers necessary in size A6, color at 300DPI.

    3. Description of the materials and techniques to be used in constructing the project.

    4. In order to assess the feasibility of the project in terms of its cost and timeframe, applicants must include an estimated production budget and schedule.

    5. The applicant’s name should not appear in this file.

    How should the portfolio be submitted?

    The final file to present is a PDF (A4 horizontal). There is no page limit. The portfolios will only be consulted during the jury’s initial selection of the winner and special mentions.

    What should the portfolio include?

    1. A maximum of 15 images that provide an overview of the artist’s career.

    2. A curriculum vitae (of the individual artist, the artists participating in the collective or of the group of artists who will participate in the project).

    Is the competition anonymous?

    Yes. To ensure the anonymity of the projects, an entry number will be used to identify the PDFs sent by the applicants.

    Where can I find plans, images and measurements of the rooms?

    In http://www.faenaartscenter.org/premiosf at: Plans, Technical Rider and Images.

    What if the project does not meet the Terms and Conditions?

    Applications that do not meet the "Terms and Conditions" will be automatically disqualified.

    What days can I visit Molinos Room?

    The Molinos Room of the Faena Arts Center will be set up for personal visits of the artists submitting entries on April 12th and 27th, May 10th and 24th, June 7th and 21st, July 5th and 19th, August 2th, September 7th and 20th and October 4th from 2 to 6PM. The room can be visited without an appointment.

    How do I find out the results?

    Having chosen the winner of the Prize and winners of the two special mentions, they will be notified via e-mail and by telephone.