• L.E.A. Laboratory of Artistic Experimentation

    1. EMPATHY MODULE - Dialogue

    Based on the specific work method of each artist, the lab will propose different ways of bringing together and even establishing contrasts among works. Participants can share their diverse experiences in the creative process and discuss differences in the methodology, technique and theory of the different works.

    2. LAB MODULE - Experimentation

    LEA participants will bring together their work proposals and begin a period of experimentation. Trial and error is a critical part of the process, allowing the participants to assess how each work can contribute to the dynamics of growth of the project as a whole. This module will be held at the workshop at Faena Arts Center. Taking into account that the work will be developed specifically for the Catedral, this space will also be an important part of this module.

    3. REALIZATION MODULE - Curating and Production

    The work outline developed in the projects will come to fruition in this phase. The presentation of the works in the exhibit room requires intensive labor in the material execution of the works and their final formal definition. On the other hand, it also requires participants to define how the work process of the Lab will be presented and the layout of the works in the exhibit space. In this task of communicating the results to the spectators, the curatorial outline of the exhibit will be defined.