• Navarro

    MAY 2013
    • Nationality: Argentinian

    • Period: Contemporary

    • Curator: Sonia Becce

    • Exhibition Room: Arts Center Patio

    Eduardo Navarro was born in Buenos Aires, 1979. He actually lives and works in Buenos Aires. He had numerous exhibitions, both solo and collective, local and international.

    He did residences in Italy, Germany, UK and USA.

    The truck and semi-trailer that travelled to the Triple Frontier zone in December are the same ones that returned ten days later to spend a weekend parked on the steps of the Law Faculty in Buenos Aires and the same ones that will park themselves in Puerto Madero at FAENA ARTS CENTER in May. The sites chosen for 'Estudio Juridico mercosur III' are as different from one another as what goes on inside the trailer is compact. This embassy on wheels is home to a law studio and an alcohol-free fruit drinks bar. A lawyer gives free consultations and the “cocktails” are free too. In this work Eduardo Navarro is more interested in casual hospitality than in promoting social exchange, in giving form to an absurd solidarity than in presenting it as political action. Ultimately he prefers to let both the spectator and the context decide if what he makes is art, without having to go around proving it.

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