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    • Practically all over the world there are abandoned buildings, the website “Im-possible Living”, is trying to attract the interest of potential investors so these spaces will be used.

    Urban healing: reactivating abandoned buildings / 

    Around the world there are entire towns, urban areas or abandoned buildings that due to the market’s logic have become abandoned —in many cases because of real-estate or business developments that changed location.

    As a response to the latter, Andre Sesta and Daniela Galvani, creators of the Im-possible Living initiative, are trying to take back these spaces through the digital collection of ideas to restore them, make them viable and potentially attractive to investors. In a way they are trying to serve as a bridge between developers with profitable ideas, generated by people with whom they have no contact.

    By following the commercial path, these properties would be reactivating dead spaces, which would encourage a culture of good use and decrease the indexes of vandalism, and even criminality, frequent in unused spaces. As well as ‘reviving’ and revaluating these places, with time this initiative could evolve to establish a link among people who lack housing and these under-used spaces. Hopefully, this will happen.

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