• Fantasy Lands

    • Delicate and spontaneous ice formations, also known as “sea plumage” or “ice flowers”, of Polar Regions.

    An infinite prairie of ice flowers  / 

    Frost flowers constitute a recent phenomenological discover that happens when a thin layer of ice covers the ocean in Polar Regions. The ocean must be calm and the air much colder than the water for these to bloom, since they are the sublimation of ice in the dry and frozen winds of the poles. The biologist, Jeff Bowman and his team first set eyes on them while they were returning from an expedition in the North Pole.

    "I was absolutely astounded," Bowman says, “they were little protrusions of ice, delicate, like snowflakes. They began growing in the dry, cold air "like a meadow spreading off in all directions. Every available surface was covered with them.”

    -What are they?

    -Frost flowers

    "I'd never heard of them, but they were everywhere." concluded Jeff.

    Imagining that spectacle unfolding before your eyes, the way these tiny sculptures begin to form covering the ocean, is one of the pieces we can gift ourselves, in the same manner that Yoko Onno presents herself with visions. The sea, literally, blooms. Besides their intrinsic beauty, scientists became interested in them, because contrarily to common ice, these flowers are very salty. They contain up to three times the salinity of the ocean. If you were to take one and melt it you would find they host millions of bacteria, they are an extremely strange ecosystem because life can rarely exist in those extreme temperatures. The next question of course is: What are those bacteria doing there?

    While science tries to solve this enigma, we can enjoy the photographs of this phenomenon, as if we were observing some secret ocean plumage, peeking out for a few instants. 

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