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    • Part of the genius that is now recognized in Albrecht Dürer was awarded to the artist through his ​​travels, a unique source of inspiration for the creative mind.

    Albrecht Dürer and his transformation of realism through travel undertaken / 

    The degree of mastery attained by the German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) remains unparalleled today, the artistic recognition he acquired during his life has remained attached to his name centuries after his death; due to his surprising clinical eye, to his capacity of articulating images, to the passion he developed his oeuvre with and mainly the change he brought to the artistic sphere with his way of representing the world, he is now the archetype of the illuminated artistic genius.

    Dürer was inclined towards technical perfection, to the allegorical development of the images and to the consummation of his intellectual work, defiant and always true; he travelled to Zealand to be able to watch a beached whale that he unfortunately was unable to portray, because it had already disintegrated by the time he got there. This artist had to be where the action was taking place, when he was very young he travelled to the North of Europe to learn the techniques that were being developed in the artistic meccas of the time, he learned about perspective and shortly after dominated graphic and paint techniques.

    To many he possessed an egocentric character; his self-portraits are projections of himself as a creational god, supreme and unreachable. This of course corresponds to the anthropocentric vision the philosophers of the time practiced. The historian, Kenneth Clark, notes of the artist:

    […] what made Dürer so important to his time was the combination of strict control over appearances with an extraordinarily fertile inventiveness.

    He alludes to the latter in terms of his character and the important role the artist played in the definition of certain characters and ideas of his time, and he continues asserting:

    His woodcuts spread a new way of seeing art, not just as something magical or symbolic, but as something precise and trustworthy. I have no doubt that many simple people bought the woodcuts of his life of the Virgin, and accepted them as a trustworthy record of the facts.

    Dürer travelled to witness with his own eyes what geniuses from other times did, let us do the same and travel to marvel at his work. 

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