• Avant Urbanism

    • Gestalten Publishing proposes this inspiring book that imbues the much needed transformation of public spaces.

    Going Public: a book that stimulates the re-sensitisation of the city / 

    The distribution of space based on the economy will always prioritise efficiency. Thus, being able to reach our place of work or shopping quickly will always be more important than the right to healthy, natural and beautiful spaces. From this questionable perspective, urban spaces are rationalised to maximise their function, but, in exchange for said functionality, cities stop being felt —and this, in the long term leads to expensive consequences.

    Going Public gathers creative, ludic and idle architecture that interacts in a permanent or sporadic manner with the daily flow of cities. This is exemplified through places where it is impossible to interact with surrealist buildings, such as Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth’s work “Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain”, a roller coaster which we walk through. Inspiring walks through places that where once parts of history, such as the Bunker 599 piece, which is literally a bunker cut in half that is now completely unprotected and open. 

    Gestalten Publishing launched this memorable volume, which is divided in 6 research areas; the first relates to outdoor refuges for different programs and activities, the second pertains to gardening or landscape design with natural elements.  Projects that encourage us to explore cities in order to understand their magnitude, either by walking or taking a form of transportation represents the third area, the study of urban real estate follows, with the display of public benches and all types of design. The book concludes with a chapter devoted to places rehabilitated to be inhabited, both abandoned and those in the city where innovators were able make a museum outdoors, or placed diverse activities along the way. 

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