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    • This movement represents an excellent way of inspiring a creative genesis with radically transformative ideas.

    Pecha Kucha: you will never forget these informal chats in 400 seconds / 

    Pecha Kucha are a series of talks, routines or thematic improvisations in the fast 20 x 20format, which within their speed, clarify profound ideas or amuse us by digressing on idle issues. 20 images are shown and explored in 20 seconds each, fleeting public exhibitions that transform the world with their sublime simplicity.

    Pecha Kucha Nights was developed in Japan by the architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham; the idea emerged because “architects speak a lot”, in fact, virtually any creative person with a microphone presenting a series of images could take ages to make their point, according to the pechakucha.org website.

    In 2004 the architects set themselves the challenge of generating a series of transformative brainstorms, dynamic bombings of thoughts that could attract, in an informal fashion, a creative, restless and curious audience. That was how they opened the doors of their gallery, lounge bar, club and creative kitchen SuperDeluxe, which transformed into the official location for the first Pecha Kucha Nights. Pecha Kucha can be translated as chit-chat. Several variables of the 20 x 20 format and the Pecha Kucha Nights format have become viral around the world.

    The structure, rhythm and cadence that is adopted in these chats’ format, approaches the millenary tradition which dispenses wisdom in brief subtle, graceful and sensitive impulses, referring in some way to the Haiku, the Tao Te Ching teachings, and some of the spontaneous inspiration of Spoken Word. You can kick off a dynamic and fun night of verbal flow, charged with creativity, pulsating impulses that can change the world in an instant with the subtlety of prose, accompanied by visual stimulants, coffee, wine and friends.

    You can visit this tumblr which shows some of the Pecha Kucha Nights posters from their events all over the world, and you can send yours if you have one in your city.

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