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    • The African artist Meschac Gaba is the creator of this radical and new institution.

    The nomadic museum of Africa’s dreams / 

    The human message that surprised the world from the sensitive art created by Meschac Gaba (1961), is an invitation to reflect on the manner in which the current economic system works and how it impacts directly on cultural diffusion, art and their social repercussions. The artistic tendencies that reach massive diffusion because of an international market that tends to be biased towards certain regions leaves behind, or marginalises other areas of the globe. Meschac Gaba has encountered all sorts of difficulties while promoting his work from Africa, but, fortunately he found a way to be heard through the Museum of Contemporary African Art.

    This type of nomadic museum adopts the traditional structure of a museum institution, within the museum that will allow it to borrow their space. In the 12 rooms that comprise the African Museum, it provides the services and generates activities for the audience, just like any other museum: a food court, library, playroom, idle and creative eccentricities that invite the visitor to reflect, as is the case of the Marriage and Religion rooms, the latter is an introspection and sensitivity room that promotes diversity and tolerance. In general, the museum possesses multiple qualities that invite us to reflect on the human condition, generates global awareness and tunes in to noble causes.

    This odd institution was inaugurated in 1997, and since then it has had a symbiotic relation with several renowned museums around the world. Now it is the Tate Modern that hosts the African museum. Gaba recalls on this regard:

    Museum of Contemporary African Art is ‘not a model… it’s only a question.’ It is temporary and mutable, a conceptual space more than a physical one, a provocation to the Western art establishment not only to attend to contemporary African art, but to question why the boundaries existed in the first place.

    The Museum of Contemporary African Art will exist within the Tate briefly, from the 4th of July to the 22nd of September. Simultaneously they are planning a series of conferences and lectures, especially one by Meschac Gaba with Chris Dercon and several curators who will offer their points of view of the subject of the museum.

    The quality of the institution that Gaba promotes with his museum is a new scale that will allow us to perceive culture, it is a human scale, detached from industrialization and merchandise; the warm and human treatment of a museum that does not believe in borders, but that instead devotes its space to materialising dreams, transcending numbers and beings. 

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