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    • The renowned videoartist Bill Viola recreates the mental journey a lonely man experiences while walking through the Mojave Desert.

    “Inner Passage”, an entire lifetime in a stroll / 

    In this fragment of Inner Passage, a lonely man embarks on a psychoactive voyage through the Mojave Desert in Southern California. In his peripatetic journey, the man faces adversity in every form. “The physical body confronts extremes of endurance in the form of scorching heat, numbing cold, blinding light, impenetrable darkness, infinite distance and forced confinement”, the New Yorker explains.

    It is also where the metaphysical extremes of loneliness, isolation, stress, anxiety and fear meet the forces of overwhelming beauty, mystery, wonder and ecstasy. Between these two states lies the present moment, with all its uncertainty and promise.

    In three and a half minutes, Bill Viola, an acclaimed videoartist, is able to journey across over thousands of possibilities within the human psyche and leads us through a type of psychotropic experience in the depths of our mind. The final take is a soft, oneiric awaiting reward —to put it in words— for having gone, hand in hand with this man to hell and back. Inner Passage is without a doubt a risky exercise that fulfills its purpose: transforming and individual through the internal passage of our psyche. 

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