• Philosophy

    • A great culinary experience is not strictly limited to food and wine. A great meal is an emotional experience, a kind of trip of the senses, a true celebration around the table.

    Our passion is to raise the culinary bar even further. We seek the extraordinary, the most beautiful, the most fitting for an environment of the highest refinement. That is why we have created environments with personality and history, where the culinary genius of our renowned chefs dazzles with the most delicious dishes of regional cuisine d’auteur, together with a collection of the most sophisticated wines and cocktails.

    Our menus are a symphony of flavours, prepared with organic products and seasonal fruits. Unique, effervescent and ethereal, our entertainments stretch the night and crown the day to the beat of award-winning variety shows, unrepeatable concerts and vibrant stagecraft.

    El Mercado
    El Bistro
    El Cabaret
    The Library Lounge
    The Cellar
    The Pool Bar