• Philosophy

    It is common knowledge that design profoundly and positively affects social behaviour, and that the material world that surrounds us is a reflection and mirror of our identity. Every environment has the capacity to alter our way of feeling and thinking. We are conscious of this whenever we create or take over artistic products designed to improve the quality of our lives. The philosophy of our designs is based on elements tangible and intangible, but always passionate, inspired by history and by beauty and art in their most varied forms.

    We also act as authentic curators, bringing together the best exponents, works and products of our time, with the eye of a collector. This artistic dialogue leads to interesting projects, special collaborations and an explosive fusion of talent that creates works that go beyond the conventional.

    We explore every local area we operate in and celebrate the work of artists and designers who inspires us. Through our concept stores, we also circulate their passions, stories and emotions, because we love spontaneity and authenticity.

    We have conceived our collection as a cultural statement in favour of individuality in an industry that is increasingly uniform.

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